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CJP Training Series: A 1-hour Monthly Wyoming Juvenile Court System training.

State and Federal Laws (including Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC))

Wyoming's New Juvenile Pattern Jury Instructions (May 31, 2016).

Presented by: Members of the Wyoming Juvenile Pattern Jury Instruction Committee will provide information about the newly released jury instructions for Wyoming abuse and neglect, child in need of supervision (CHINS), delinquency and termination of parental rights cases. This episode will highlight and discuss specific instructions. These jury instructions were released on May 10, 2016 by the Wyoming State Bar. This presentation will be 30 minutes in length.

Wyoming Child Welfare Update and Changes in the Law (April 14, 2016 ).

Presented by: Dan Wilde, J.D., Deputy Director, Wyoming Guardian ad Litem Division will provide an overview of changes in Wyoming law as a result of the 2016 Legislative Budget Session. The Wyoming legislature made one major change to child welfare law (HB118, Enrolled Act 41, Foster Care and Permanency - Additional Requirements) and several minor changes. This thirty (30) minute presentation will provide listeners will a brief summary of each change and discuss potential impacts on child welfare practice in Wyoming.

ICWA: Understanding the New Guidelines (March 10, 2016).

Presented by: Sheldon Spotted Elk, J.D., Director of the Indian Child Welfare Unit at Casey Family Programs will provide an overview of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), including the new guidelines. The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), 25 U.S.C. §§ 1901-1963, was enacted in 1978 in response to a crisis affecting Indian children, families and Tribes. Studies revealed that large numbers of Indian children were being separated from their parents, extended families, and communities and placed in non-Indian homes. Through ICWA, Congress established minimum federal standards to be applied in state child custody proceedings. The Act requires state courts to utilize these federal standards to determine almost all of key issues that must be decided in child custody proceedings–when a child can be removed or parental rights terminated, what constitutes consent to adoption, and placement of the child in both adoption and foster care proceedings. Compliance with these requirements has been uneven across the country and certain provisions have been interpreted differently from one state to another. For that reason, the Department of Interior has issued new guidelines clarifying how the Act should be applied, and it is anticipated that binding regulations will be issued shortly.

A Comprehensive Overview of Wyoming Juvenile Court Rules and Relevant Wyoming Supreme Court Decisions (February 11, 2016).

Presented by: Jill Kucera, J.D., Senior Assistant Attorney General, Wyoming Attorney General's Office and Elizabeth B. Lance, J.D., Attorney, Wyoming Guardian Ad Litem Program will provide an overview of Wyoming's Juvenile Court Rules and relevant Wyoming Supreme Court decisions. The Rules of Procedure for Juvenile Courts ("Rules") (adopted on Feb. 9, 2007) govern practice and procedure in Wyoming's trial courts in all juvenile court actions: abuse and neglect, delinquency, and CHINS (child in need of supervision) proceedings. These Rules address hearings, discovery and inspection, submittal of reports, right to counsel, pretrial conferences and meeting of parties, stipulations, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) provisions, inadmissibility of certain evidence, and concurrent criminal and juvenile proceedings. The presenters will provide information on all the Rules, with an emphasis on Rule 3: Discovery and Inspection; they will also present information about Wyoming Supreme Court cases that interpret the Rules. Listeners will learn about best practices and how the Rules are applied in different Wyoming jurisdictions. At the completion of this program, participants will know: (1) The Ten Rules of Procedure for Juvenile Courts; (2) Wyoming Supreme Court decisions on the Rules and (3) How these Rules relate to practices in difference jurisdictions.

Click here for Juvenile Court Rules.

How IV-B and Medicaid Overlap with Wyoming's Child Welfare and Juvenile Court Systems (December 10, 2015).

Presented by: Jan Stall and Lisa Brockman, Wyoming Department of Health and Tammy Cooley and Veronica Pedersen, Magellan Healthcare will present an overview of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). They will address service delivery changes, transition, options for application submission and processing times as they relate to Medicaid and CHIP in Wyoming. They will address the Affordable Care Act changes concerning income eligibility for the Family Care Program and the program for former foster care youth. They will also discuss Wyoming's Children's Mental Health Waiver and the services provided pursuant to this waiver and how High Fidelity Wraparound services work when the child has serious emotional and behavioral issues. The representatives from Magellan Healthcare will discuss the services offered by Magellan, a managed care company, and how to access their services in Wyoming. The presentation will include information about how these services intersect and support families involved in Wyoming's child welfare and juvenile court systems.

An Overview of the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act of 2014 and Subsequent Changes to Wyoming Policy and Practice (November 12, 2015).

Presented by: Stacey Obrecht, J.D., and Debra Hibbard and Stacey Dunlay from the Wyoming Department of Family Services will provide an overview of the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act of 2014, with a focus on IV-E requirements for identifying, reporting and determining services for victims of sex and labor trafficking. Listeners will learn about changes to Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) policies and procedures (as a result of the new federal legislation). The presentation will provide specific information about Wyoming DFS Policy 2.9 (Human Trafficking) and describe new tools being implemented to help identify and provide services to Wyoming victims.

Understanding ICPC and ICJ Interstate Compacts (May 14, 2015).

Presented by: Jill Kucera, Esq. Senior Assistant Attorney General, Human Services, Wyoming Attorney General's Office and Maureen Clifton, Deputy Compact Administrator and Social Services Program Analyst, Wyoming Department of Family Services will present an overview of two compacts that Wyoming has adopted: the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) and the Interstate Compact for Juveniles (ICJ). This presentation will clarify many misconceptions about these Compacts, especially the ICPC. The presenters will address the law and regulations governing these compacts including their purpose, eligibility, circumstances when they apply and required submissions. Maureen Clifton will review the forms required for submission, which will be included in the handouts. The audience will learn about when the ICPC and ICJ Compacts apply, how to and where to file submission forms, and what to do if their request is denied by the other state.

2014 Child Welfare Law Update: Wyoming Supreme Court decisions and Statutes (October 9, 2014).

Presented by: Jill E. Kucera, J.D., Senior Assistant Attorney General, Wyoming Attorney General's Office will provide a review of recent Wyoming Supreme Court decisions and 2014 statutes that affect Wyoming children and their families.

2013 Child Welfare Law Update (November 21, 2013).

Presented by Jill Kucera, Esq., Senior Assistant Attorney General