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CJP Training Series: A 1-hour Monthly Wyoming Juvenile Court System training.

Timely, Thorough and Complete Court Hearings

Right to a Jury Trial in Wyoming Child Protection and Termination of Parental Rights Cases (April 9, 2015).

Presented by: Cindi Wood, J.D., C.W.L.S., an attorney in private practice in Casper, Kevin David Taheri, J.D. an Assistant District Attorney, Seventh Judicial District Attorney's Office, and Christina McCabe, J.D., a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Wyoming Attorney General's Office, Human Services Division will present an overview of the law relating to the parent's right to demand a jury trial at the adjudication stage of a child abuse/neglect case and at a termination of parental rights case. They will talk about the law governing jury trials including the statues and rules including time and filing requirements. The will refer to the work being done on the Wyoming Juvenile Pattern Jury Instructions and the many procedural issues one needs to address when there is a jury trial. The audience will learn about the distinction between a bench and jury trial, factors to be considered when determining whether to demand a jury trial for their client and tips from judges on best practices when conducting a jury trial.

Dispositional Hearings 101 (December 11, 2014)

Presented by: Aaron S. Hockman, J.D., Chief Trial and Appellate Counsel for the Wyoming Guardian ad Litem Division, will provide a presentation on dispositional hearings in Wyoming's juvenile court, including an overview of relevant Wyoming statutes and procedures related to these important hearings. The presentation will provide basic information on procedural and evidentiary processes specific to disposition hearings in abuse and neglect, Child in Need of Supervision (CHINS) and delinquency cases.

Children in Court (2014) (March 13, 2014).

Presenters: Dan Wilde, J.D., Director of the Wyoming Guardians ad Litem Program will provide an overview of the current Wyoming GAL Policy on Children in Court (Policy G). Linda Britton, J.D., Center for Children and the Law, American Bar Association, will provide information about ways to meaningfully involve children in their court hear-ings and why it is important. The presentation will include (1) an overview of the data demonstrating positive out-comes for children who participate in court (2) an overview of legal and judicial resources developed to encourage meaningful and appropriate ways to involve youth in court hearings and case planning; and (3) a segment on "top concerns" and suggested solutions to actual or perceived barriers around children and youth participating in court hearings. Steven Dreher, Wyoming Supreme Court Chief Information and Technology Officer, will provide a brief update about district court video-conferencing capabilities.

For additional information, please go to the ABA Bar-Youth Empowerment Page for Legal and Judicial Resources

Spotting and Evaluating Issues on Appeal (October 31, 2011).

Speaker: Professor Vivek Sankaran, Child Advocacy Law Clinic, Michigan Law School